PCM Methods & Procedures Consultants Ltd.

PCM Methods & Procedures Consultants Ltd., since its establishment in 2008, has developed into a dynamic consultancy firm providing consultancy services to private and public sector entities, specializing in the development of Innovation and the promotion of Entrepreneurship.

Close monitoring of international developments and the development of European partnerships, thorough market research and the use of modern management tools for the design and implementation of creatively efficient solutions, ensure the provision of high quality services.

The PCM executives have scientific excellence and extensive experience in the design, support and implementation of projects, both in the public sector – with significant involvement in the management of the Community Support Frameworks and the NSRF – as well as in the private sector, in significant investments and complex projects of particular requirements.

The company applies the internationally accepted project cycle management methodology for the design and implementation of the projects it participates as a consultant and/or as a partner and utilizes the networks of mutual learning and cooperation (learning networks) in the implementation of innovative methods of enhancing entrepreneurship.

PCM acknowledges, as a key factor for success and recognition, the continuous qualitative upgrading of its services. Its constant pursuit is to respond responsibly and effectively to the demands and expectations of its customers, building long-standing cooperative relationships based on credibility and mutual trust.